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yanamaster said:
Well let's face it, when we have a generatio's on the n which focuses on showcasing the most realistic graphics in games and combines them with petty beat em up or shoot em up franchises that also have a needless amount of gore (God of War and Gears of War are prime examples) you can see why mainstream media are rather uninterested in the subject.

Look at movies, do you see mainstream media hyping category B gore, action or horror movies and giving them oscars?

No they dont hype the gore but there are plenty of movies with as much or more gore than the games you metnioned.  The media focus on the movie.  With games they focus on the negative side of gaming.  I mean the show 24 is basically COD MW2 both go for shock value.

I do see your point, it would be nice to see games get a better rap.  I guess I should be greatful they are covered much better in the last few years.  I mean USA today has a whole gaming section thats progress


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