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abcdario said:


I dont quite understand your point, you show me Bioshock figure and it goes like this:


PS3 sales: 0.48 MM

X360 sales: 2.42 MM

Total sales: 2.90 MM


Those are good numbers for a quite old game as you have said.

Now we have the VGChartz sales for CoD:MW Reflex at 0.67 MM, these numbers are quite high now, but i dont think they would be called that great compared to the same kind-of-old game that Bioshock was on the HD Games.

About the market figures for the HD twins vs Wii, i dont see this focus that relevant since they are almost equal at 50% for both sides. OK, may be the HD Twins would have an advantage for the hardcore gamers they have, but also the Wii has that Wii-forced-to-be-used control that people loves so much and they call it great for Action games.


To be honest, i would simply resume this saying that Bioshock have super-surpassed MWReflex.

His point is that you should look at the PS3 version (a.k.a. the one-year old version) and compare its sales to Reflex (a.k.a. the two year old port). I'm not at all sure why you're bringing the 360 version in. And considering how long Bioshock PS3 has been out...

Another point: Call of Duty games have gained good legs this generation. Bioshock's sales are dead, while Reflex's are likely to keep going for a long while yet. The 1.5 million figure you quoted earlier for Reflex did not arise after only two months.