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killeryoshis said:

Ok we all know they make good games. That's why we became fans of them. But how did it happen. Also why did you stick with them
all these years.  I guess I  can start. I was at a friend's house and decided to play his Gamecube. I liked it alot. So I decided to get one.
Back in 2003.  In 2007 I got a Wii. I only got it for only Brawl. I got a DS to play Pokemon Diamond. Those are the reasons why I got into
and got the systems of nintendo.
Your turn

I am a videogame fan.  Super Mario Bros (arcade Vs system they had) was one of the first titles to put things on the map for me with them, eventhough Donkey Kong was the first game of theirs I became ware of.  Mario Bros in the arcade battled Joust.  Even if Nintendo isn't my favorite of all companies, I still have to respect them and what they do.  The Wii was a great change of pace over what was out there and the norm.  I have gone from like to dislike, to respect, and so on.