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Well, I'd been playing on the Atari since 1983, but when I wanted more games, I couldn't find them. So I kept playing the old games. But in 1986, I was exposed to the NES. And I fell in love. X-mas of 1987 saw me getting an NES, and I was hooked. I had a source of new games. It took a few more years to have my fickleness taken away, though. There was this offer with Nintendo Power to get a copy of Dragon Warrior free with a subscription. And a couple of years after that, Nintendo offered direct sale of a few games to subscribers, including this one title called Final Fantasy. These 2 had me locked in. (I later discovered about Square and Enix, and would be hooked to their games... for a while, at least...)


-On a quest for the truly perfect game; I don't think it exists...