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there is a huge difference between crap-ware games and medoicre games. i'm talking mediocre games that did not get much good news from the press but certainly dropped in price for easy pick-up.

no game is trash unless you think its trash. something that is crap-ware (go barbie dress up or catz for the ds or fake workout games on the wii) to you might be awesome to me. for example you might not like ridge racer 6 and it might be a crappy game to you but i certainly find enjoyment out of it and i just purchased it today for $5 at GameStop.

also, i did contradict myself in the previous post just because it was 2am in the morning and really i didn't know what i was saying

so to tell you the truth i am a video game collector meaning i will collect anything that catches my eye and i will have fun with even if its cheap.

one, i don't go and follow what whatever the industry says is the best game. i go by my taste...

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