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well by your first post you sure made it seem like you were in a depressing stage and wanted to step back from gaming altogether. good to know you are still in gaming and will cut back on buying games you really want.

personally to help you with that. i was in the same position you were in because i was buying a lot of pointless games and i wouldn't play them or i would lose interest. its something called picking up another game and playing it and coming back to the other game when you feel iike it. there are some games that are true "duds" and suck and you simply feel like you were bought on to hype to play them rather than you actually yourself enjoying them first hand. and then you get bored and you make a thread like this.

i was playing resident evil 4: wii edition yesterday and got really pissed because i was messing up and i said to myself well i did beat the game already on the gamecube and ps2. so whats the difference in the wii edition other than controls. so i stopped playing it because not only was i getting frustrated but i was getting really bored of it and then looked at this thread and said "wow i really see where this member is coming from, maybe i should rethink my buying decision on games and buy what i know what i will enjoy rather than buying every single game". well to solve that i accepted that:

a) i'm a video game collector
b) i'm not going to finish every game
c) i'm not a completionists
d) i buy cheap games in they are mediocre (according to game critics or fanboys) to build my game collection.

at the end of the day, yeah i feel iike i wasted money on games that i know will not gain my interest but the fact that i have an diverse video game collection that's what helps and makes me happy in the long run.

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