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TruckOSaurus said:
The Fury said:
TruckOSaurus said:
Asuka's counter is awesome but I don't use to the point of spamming, that's just boring.

It's one of the moves that me and my housemate views as a 'cheating' move (same as Devil Jin's lazer) because it's so quick and unpredictable. The idea that I'm in the middle of a combo then suddenly lost 35 health is stupid. If it's in there, at least make it weaker, like some of King's counters or make it harder to do.

I do agree that they made the move last way too long compared to Tekken 5. The length of time where your punches or kicks will be countered is insane.

I know, sometimes in battle someone does it and then I just stand there waiting for it to finish.

On another note, I'm getting annoyed with people ducking out of matches before it even starts. I know my net connection is not great but when I'm at 75 and they see it, it's like they just quit as the characters are entering, 6 times this morning that happened to me, the exact same time and everything. I also came up again 4 Laws out of 8 matches. :P

Hmm, pie.