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Hey folks, sorry I didn't know about this. Tekken's taking up all of my gaming time at the moment and has been since I got it practically.

Oddly enough I've spent hour redressing all the characters to look 'cooler' then the crap costumes we get, you'd think they'd add 4 standard instead of just boring 2. (Get money by playing Kazuya in Scenario over and over with my characters pimped out with stuff to make drops happen more and money be worth loads).

Anywho, online I mainly play as Lee (dressed in Purple), I'm at about 75% at the moment and Kazuya (mainly completely pink, hair and all), this ratio is bad considering I'm good with him (my online seems to always come up against those just better when I'm playing as him). I am skilled with most though. Except the bear, I hate the bear, luckily no one seems to play with him online.

While on the subject of online, I really am starting to hate Asuka's reversal move (back + LP + LK or back + RP + RK, that is it right?), I come up against her so much and while I can block her combos and count, halfway though a combo (being blocked and sometimes not) I'm in a throw, it's stupid.

Hmm, pie.