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Kasz216 said:
Noobie said:
Why everyone is trying to say XBOX and PS3 is a statistical tie.??? i mean 50k is not that much meager either.. its 1.5 million dollar sales for PS3. :$ and we can also say maybe PS3 had 100k lead and NPD is showing it less.. it should be taken as +/-25k for each console instead of only +25k for XBOX and -25k for PS3 to make it a tie. :$..

i think XBOX has even won by 900 units.. it was something like 287.1k and 288k.. So it was a win for XBOX so this is a win for PS3

No... that would also be a statistical tie.  They would both be statistical ties.

Winning is winning.

Or is there a rule now on how many sales it takes for it to automatically be a "statistical tie"?