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Noobie said:
Why everyone is trying to say XBOX and PS3 is a statistical tie.??? i mean 50k is not that much meager either.. its 1.5 million dollar sales for PS3. :$ and we can also say maybe PS3 had 100k lead and NPD is showing it less.. it should be taken as +/-25k for each console instead of only +25k for XBOX and -25k for PS3 to make it a tie. :$..

i think XBOX has even won by 900 units.. it was something like 287.1k and 288k.. So it was a win for XBOX so this is a win for PS3

Lovers of X-box are trying to spin that BS, meanwhile they used to jizz in their pants when the 360 would beat PS3 by 6k early last year. Bottom line is these sales for the 360 are a death rattle.