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December was a massive success for all companies in 2009. Nintendo managed to move tons of hardware and software, while Sony and Microsoft had a very successful end of the year bang with hardware sales. New Super Mario Bros. Wii was the biggest selling title on Wii in December, with sales likely to stay strong well into 2010.

PS3, 1.36M
Xbox 360 1.31M



Not really.

1.36 vs 1.31 is a statistical tie.

I really wouldn't call it beating it based on how NPD numbers are calculated.


You wouldn't but I would

PS3 BEAT 360!! (by around 50K too)

This was a shocker to me, but less so after the SONY internal reports said 1.35 Million were sold

Well i'll put it this way.

Anyone who knows anything about statistics and the kind of thing NPD does wouldn't say the PS3 beat the 360.

It's well within the margin of error.

As for the Wii numbers... seems unbeleivable to me.

So what?

seriously are you really getting this deep into me just saying "PS3 beat 360" (which no-one was expecting), in pure numbers that did happen, chill out

It didn't though.  Because of the "margin of error."  The PS3 didn't sell 1.36 and the 360 didn't sell 1.31.

The Ps3 sold ~1.36 and the 360 sold ~1.31.

It's a big difference.

It's also not "getting into you."  It's stating a fact for people who don't know much about statistics.

No I will continue to say PS3 beat 360 in december 2009, because it clearly did according to the numbers

you continue saying it was "within margin of error" so they were equal & be happy that you know more about statistics than most other people

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