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Galaki said:
I think the reviewers are using guides that solves them puzzles and showing all secret to blaze through the game? The only way to catch up with their backlog of games to review.

I wouldn't be enjoying the game with my first playthrough with a strategy guide in hand.

I doubt it. I didn't use a strategy guide, and I beat it the first time in around seven hours. But I went back for a second (and third, and fourth...) go, so it's definitely earned its keep by me.

Ari_Gold said:

Exactly, the core gamer thinks first, then buys. They know the game will drop in price, and they'd rather wait (myself included). Its common for all systems not just the Wii.

 I would strenuously argue that the core gamer thinks just as little about his purchase as an expanded audience member does, but where the latter buys on word of mouth or the boxart, the former buys primarily on hype. A look at how incredibly frontloaded most core games are is pretty strong support for this position. This is doubly true for online games, where the community tends to flock to and then run from the game within two months of release. I think you're the exception rather than the rule. More power to you for that, though.