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Awesome ,Bunkum will become the idol of these boards !! Very good numbers for Nintendo ,lower than expected but those 500k predictions were simply too high .In any case 430k is a hell of a lot of consoles for a non-holidays month . The DS continues to sell extremely well ,it has obviously reduced its numbers in a great margin but still 389K is HUGE numbers . Good numbers for the PS3 ,I expected some 300K but this is nearly that number.....Now I expect some people to stop their viral marketing about the console "collecting dust in the shelves " please . Playstation 2 remains strong and beats agains the X360 ....its sales should come to an end one day but for the moment it remains very strong .I expected the PS2 to beat the X360 until the PS3 started to do so but apparently both will beat the X360 from now on . X360 ....well it isnt a flop but its worse than last year month and just in the line of last year around 200-240K units per month ... PSP ,also in the same line as pre-christmas ....a dissapointment with its strong sales in november and december .I expect games out in february as Pirates! ,Gurumin ,Ratchet & Clank ,Rainbow Six Vegas ,The Warriors ,Chili Con Carnage and all the others can push the handheld next month close to 200k again .