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These Wii numbers seem reasonable, in the last week or so (when I looked at the software vs the sellouts), it seemed reasonable that Wii would sell 400-700k. PS3 is in line with what I though too. Patcher always seems towards the upper end of reality, so I had PS3 selling about 250k...say 175 to 325k. I think the official number for Wii in Japan was 989k (through Dec 29). That leaves 450k or so sold in Japan in January, plus the two weeks in February and 1/2 week of December. 450k + 430K + whatever sold in Canada, Europe, Australia, etc seems to be over 1 million Wii's in January. No wonder Nintendo has trouble meeting demand... 360 sales do surprise me. Maybe the software only appeals to people who already own the hardware? Still, the hype for Lost Planet was pretty intense, and it isn't a bad game... Also, Patcher seems to have done his homework on PS3...so I expect him to be wrong next time. My overunder for PS2 outselling 360 on a month to month basis: 3 more months. As for personal predictions...yeah I completely overestimated the DS.

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