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Yh man i am well pissed off now. I just feel like killing someone. Seriously i am so angry. I just can ajjjjjjjjjjjlifdas'rEH{P".


AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH just so pissed off. I shocked i aint broken me PC whit how hard i am hitting the keys. I swear man. A wu di blouse and skirt. Lord have mercy me is shacking in tempa nuh man.


Anyway heres what happened. Me mum gets rushed in hospital. So the next day I am in college not in a good mood anyway. Some boy sniggers at me about me mum whilst i am doing some titration experiment. Long story short he ended up with HCL all over him.


I get sent home and are told to wait for a letter on a decision for them to have me back or not. Well the letter just come and they are not having me back.

I was saying to me one friend the other day that if i get banned from college because of that boy I will give him a really good reason for me to get banned. I'm going to his maths lesson today to pay him a little visit. God the more i think about it the angrier i getting.

Nobody's perfect. I aint nobody!!!

Killzone 2. its not a fps. it a FIRST PERSON WAR SIMULATOR!!!! ..The true PLAYSTATION 3 launch date and market dominations is SEP 1st