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stof said:
Kwaad said:

*throws a rock at stof

That's what you get for... uhh... being a bad mod!


I will put a bone out for you too. However I wont complain. I'll just point out the problem.

I created my thread. Why Nintendo, and the main thing is about the number of games nintendo is working on, it's just too many games for such a small group of people. I get SLAMMED by 20 trolls speaking about how 'nintendo makes the best games in the world'. They call me a troll! Ha.

No Kwaad. It was a flame bait thread. You took something that people were already talking about, and then made your own thread about it just to antagonize the rest of the board. And off topic is for non videogame related threads, not fanboy threads. Off topic doesn't give anyone a license to post what they couldn't get away with in the other forums.

Perhaps I have been a little lenient in the past. I tend to hate stifling a conversation once it's gotten underway, regardless of how the thread started. But I guess in these cases, those converstations rarely trancsend the original post.

Thanks for the feedback everybody.

 No, that was no flamebait. I did not post it in the original thread, because I wanted it to be an opinionated post, stating my opinion. I dont give a crap if anyone read it or not. I was seeing read when I read that. I did not post that for responces. Now after the 2nd page of posts, I started just feeding the fire because of the pure amusement on how mad the Wii group was starting to get... But the start of that was not meant to get the Wii guys screaming. Also, if you read through the thread, you would see half the people replying hadnt read more than the headline on my original post and thought it was a flamewar, as they were taking what I said out of context. That was when I stopped defending my point. I did not use the main thread because I knew it would be taken as flame material, and I would get trolled by the Wiiatics till the cows came home. I created the new thread more just to say. 'Holy crap wtf nintendo, what respect I had, is now much smaller.' If you cant state opinion on this site, then the forums should be close. I stated my anti-nintendo buisness practices opinion, and it is flame-bait. If that consists of a thread needing to be locked, then any pro nintendo, pro sony, pro microsoft, anti nintendo, anti sony, anti microsoft, any good or bad press notes on any of this, or any comments on anything should be locked, and the poster banned.

Look, if people want to take every anti nintendo thing I say, and turn it into a troll post, And I get blamed... wtf. 

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