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Quantum-Tarantino said:

There appear to be 6


Stof (last login 4-26)

ioi (last login 4-28)

Mr Stickball (last login 4-29)

roadkillers (last login 4-26)

Sintinel (last login 4-26)

Ben Kenobi (last login 4-29)


Some are more active than others

That doesnt matter when we log in. I come to this site a couple times a day just looking around the forums and im not signed in because every night I delete the cookies. So I come to this site logged off but if I see some stuff bad then I log in. I have a life beside this so i usally come to this site 3-5 times a day for like 7 min sections.

If you have a problem with someone make a topic or send a message to a couple of mods.