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stof said:

*walks in to thread, notices many scowels in my direction*

Ok guys. Sometimes things get a little hairy in here. But It's not always as easy to do the mod thing as some people seem to think. A thread that starts out as quite lockable quickly looses lockability the longer it's open, as people start posting in it and turn things into a viable conversation.

As for banning. Yes, there are a few people in here that tend to be at the route of most problems. But their only the route because of how other people choose to respond in an even poorer manner. Kwaad and Hus are by no means a valuable contribution to the board, but you know that old "first sinner cast the first stone thing"? Well a lot of people are too busy hurling stones to realize that well... they shouldn't be hurling stones.

Now I've been away for a few days, but if I see someone crossing the line, I'll take the appropriate actions. Now if you'd like to do yoru part to keep the forums clean(and I mean all of you), it's to not so quickly devolve into that which you despise.

 *throws a rock at stof

That's what you get for... uhh... being a bad mod!


I will put a bone out for you too. However I wont complain. I'll just point out the problem.

I created my thread. Why Nintendo, and the main thing is about the number of games nintendo is working on, it's just too many games for such a small group of people. I get SLAMMED by 20 trolls speaking about how 'nintendo makes the best games in the world'. They call me a troll! Ha. 

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