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RolStoppable said:

Quantum-Tarantino, you are right (along others like Origin who also made a thread). This forum is getting ridiculous.

The whole reason why I joined this forum is that it allowed for mature discussions about consoles and their business strategies, as well for discussions of single games/franchises.

Lately the forum is flooded with troll posts and entire threads to start flame wars (Fanboy party, How Nintendo for example). Some people are really begging to get banned. But nothing happened so far. I know that the mods can't be around every single hour to control the forum, but this forum is really getting out of control. Some temporary bans seem to be necessary to make the boards more friendly again.

How nintendo is off topic, and because of that it was more of a personal rant, I have given up on that thread becuase of the extreme fanboyism from the nintendo camp.

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