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See what that means is, now that I have posted this thread cant be locked. Becuase I rule this forum.


Seriously tho, I start a thread inkinda biased, pointless or sensless. Usually it is in off topic, meaning you shouldnt care, as it is in off topic, and in my opinion can be flamebait, as off topic is exactly that, cant you say your opinion on off topic? Cant you ask other people's opinions? Is that wrong? If it is, freedom of speech is wrong, and all of you want a system where you cant talk about anyone or anything unless it is positive. I cant think of any countires with a system like that off the top of my head, becuase that would be one of the most extreme speech regulatiory countires in the world... if not the most.

I tend to be a little off topic sometimes, however it is usually in refrence to someone else, or explaining on-topic refrences.

TOPIC: Do you like the Wii?
REPLY: No, not really I am rather dissapointed, the PS3 impressed me much more. (blah blah blah)

Is that me taking the topic off topic, by talking about the PS3, or is it me expling my standing on the Wii. Then when someone says I am lying, full of crap, throwing stones at me. I'm more than happy to explain whatever. That is almost always off topic. However the person lobbing the stones at me threw the first stone as well as was the first to actually post off topic. I reply in responce... at least I do sometimes. I'm to the point where I let my PS3 buddies and 360 boys just bash the Wii guys who respond to me, and laugh, and every now and then put a reply in that contains just enough to keep the debate going.

EDIT: omg haha, I turned this into an Anti-Wii thread agian! TROLL!!! BAN ME!!! (no dont ban me, but that's what would normally be said about a responce like that)

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