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libellule said:
jarrod said:
libellule said:
about the hype on Natal :

people have to realize it is REALLY far from the casual crowd right now
but, to defend Natal, we are also far from the release date meaning it is expected that NO one outside game/tech lovers know it ...

I pretty much agree with this.  I'm bullish on Natal largely off Microsoft's track record, they've really become masters at dealing with and manipulating the industry media.  I don't think it'll come close to Wii, but it'll probably help Microsoft regain their position post-slim.

to precise a bit my past post :

I DO THINK Natal may reach the mainstream media because MS are pro when it comes to marketing.

But, right now, Natal is NOTHING ...

Well sure, but Natal's still a year away.  Mainstream Wii hype and coverage really only started about six months pre-launch, at E3.