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demon123 said:


This is so over hyped. Nearly everone in the UK has a sky box which you get for free. The service offered on the xbox is more expensive with less channels available. My friend( one of the few people who does not have sky) was considering this but backed out when he saw the prices and just went for sky directly.

Well I'm one of those people that isn't 'nearly everyone' and I've always wanted Sky for Sky Sports (and ESPN now) and instead of having someone over to install a dish I literally just went onto the internet and had sky on Xbox in around five minutes and now I get the channels I want for around £7 less than I would for normal Sky and if I wanted to stop subscribing then I can at any time! Yes it doesn't have that many channels at the moment but I'm REALLY happy with the channels I have right now and I'd imagine they'd be adding more as time goes on! I noticed Eurosport 2 was added the other day for a start.

I'm just amazed at the quality of it as well personally!