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Was this really necessary?

Sadly, I guess so.

Actually, no, it wasn't.  Every single thread that was posted previously people already explained what this article did.  You just can't stand the thought of anything attacking your precious PS3.

sorry surge, but this is a quote from the "dead in the water" thread

"Extrapolated, then, you can summise that the Cell processor line is terminated, with the current PoweXCell 8i the last one off the production line."

But that quote is basically true.  There will be no "PowerXCell ..." or "Cell ..." named products anymore.  IBM is moving on to a new CPU using parts of the Cell in it.  The only way there will be another Cell boasting the Cell nomenclature is if someone commissions IBM to design it (Sony for PS4).

Nope. IBM Toshiba and Sony all have a direct stake into the Cell Processor Design.


THERE CAN BE MANY Design's of a said product. 

Its still the Same core product. what MikeB posted is valid, because what it stated was only one part of the Cell Processor product development is being haulted, not all the Cell product's. 

I am not saying what Mike posted is invalid.  I'm saying it's already understood and not needed.  Also, note this is about IBM, not IBM, Sony, and Toshiba.  I only commented on IBM.  What this article states is that IBM (not Sony or Toshiba) is haulting production of the successor to the Cell BE in the PS3 and moving to new things that will use aspects (such as architecture, or design, or many other possible things like ALUs, SPUs, IFUs, etc) of the Cell in them but will not any longer be a "Cell" product.  Note that I also said that at any point anyone can commission them to produce another Cell CPU, such as Sony for the PS4.

id did not say "IN THE PS3" that i think is the problem with seeing what is open ended OPINION instead of Fact.

just because the PowerXCell is not being used does not mean there will not be some other Cell being used instead.

what you have is two story's on the Internet right now going on and both are told from someone getting the scoop, but IBM did not go into detail on what they are doing, and prob. never will for some time.

saying just because IBM haulted one "projected"  or prototype design does not mean they are not going to have another Cell named processor.



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