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The Cell processor is already being phased out. Sony sold their cell manufacturing facilities a while back and IBM already ended development of it. The only company that actively makes it is Toshiba, and they are slowly ending their 4 SPE SpursEngine in favor of stream processors.

The cell processor was an impressive processor. Was. It's not anymore. Even the most powerful Cell processor out there, the PowerXCell 8i that is being used in the second most powerful supercomputer is 5X slower than a modern GPU. The type of calculations that Cell is good at are also the type of calculations that stream processors are amazing at. They both suck at general purpose calculations though.

A 500 Gigaflop Cell or a 6 Teraflop (6,000 Gigaflop) GPU with 3,200 Stream processors... The choice is clear. Cell has no place in the future, its technology is already old. The only part of the cell which IBM is using is its dispatch engine. It is being combined with stream processors.


Edit: Also, Sony making PCs based on Cell would be a big mistake for Sony. Making a PC based on an outdated and outperformed architecture? IBM has been selling Cell workstations for years and the adoptance rate isabysmal. The future looks bright for AMD and Nvidia. 

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