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leo-j said:
SnakeEyez said:
Shouldn't Infinity Ward remove that last part of the trailer in their youtube channel? The part that goes "xbox 360, jump in" as that can be misleading. From that trailer, you'd think that the game was an exclusive. Anyways, that trailer is really good, Em is one of my favorite rappers and that song goes perfectly with the feel of the game. It is one of the best trailers I've seen yet. As far as being better than U2's launch trailer, that's tough to say since MW2 went for an "in your face action, explosion" trailer and U2 went with the "this game will make you cry of how awesome it is" route. Tough call.

every trailer, and advertisement will have the 360 logo on it, and only the 360 logo, microsoft made a contract. Same with Assassins creed ii AND SONY

Very smart move by Microsoft, VERY smart. I can see the difference in sales between MW2 360 and PS3 to be greater than the difference between MW1, and thats alot.