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Entroper said:
Sqrl said:

You have 64-bit or 32-bit?

Because MS disagrees with you if you mean 64-bit: click

As I expected, article is from May 2006. 18 months have passed since then. Vista wasn't even released until late January 2007. Of course it had driver issues, it wasn't even out for 7 more months!

And I have 64-bit.

As far as I know 64-bit still requires all drivers to be signed. I don't think I have ever installed the latest Nvidia drivers and not seen the "unsigned drivers" warning.

If there has been a change with the driver situation in 64 bit that is a good thing, but I haven't heard a single bit of evidence to support it from any of my normal PC news sites.


As for my article I want to point something out that you completely overlooked and is actually the reason I linked to that article.

Microsoft said today that it was aiming for parity between the number of drivers shipped in 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows Vista.

"Are we going to hit that goal? No, we're not going to hit that goal, but we are working to get as many devices supported with 64-bit drivers as humanly possible," said Barry Gough, Director of Windows Vista Product Management.


The thing is that the most recent games are generally on the leading edge of drivers as they are released. The result is you can and almost certainly will (as I have in the past) experience issues with drivers when purchasing newer games. So as a gamer I am still steadfastly opposed to 64 bit OS's until the driver issue is resolved. I would love nothing more than to make use of my 64 bit processor but all indications and past experience say its still a major headache.

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