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well im glad somone had the balls to say it, and wow there not banned , i am tryly shocked anytime anyone says anything true about microsoft there tossed, blessed day, i like playing on both systems and i own the first left for dead, and orange box, which i bought used for 7 bucks, i will not buy left for dead 2, i will not spend another penny on valve games. until they pull there head out of there ass. and its really ok, because games like killzone2 , uncharted1 and2 , infamous, fear project oragin, res 1 and 2, call of dutys, halo, gears of war, all these games really do kick valves ass. ans there are many more to come, cant wait god of war, halo reach, killzone3, res3, alan wake, modern warfare2, we have games to keep us happy