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definately rent the game before you buy it. i've loved tekken since its been out and i was very dissapointed in the game. in order to view characters endings, you have to play through this scenario mode. its the same thing as tekken force on previous games. tekken force mode was fine as an extra but as far as it being a main portion of the game, doesn't do it for me.

the load times are horrible, even when you install the game.

the online lags...really bad. apparently they are working on a patch to fix this.

as far as the graphics, it was a dissapointment to me. i'm used to tekken being one of the best looking games on whatever system i played it on. thats not the case with t6. most fighting games this gen look better than t6. i'm not saying that they didn't improve on the graphics but its not that special.

on a positive note, the gameplay is solid and the animations are smooth. I just expected more from such a great series and because we had to wait so long for this.