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Staude said:
PlaystaionGamer said:
@ Selnor: mmm i trust you mate but u did say you where never a huge fan of tekken, but what you are saying about the graphics worries me, im not a graphocs whore but i want it to look good

@ Staude: thanks for taking the time to write all that man! is really helpfull! i only really want it to pick up and play but i will give the story mode a go
also what do you mean no offline co-op? so i cant play it with a mate in the same room? or is it just in story mode. If i cant play with my mates and family i 100% wont get it lol

there are so many mixed views on this game its worrying lol

Yeah. A lot of the negativity around this game is simply not true though, and many people base their opinion on videos and not actual experience.

To a tekken fan this game is pure awesome.


If you like the tekken story then it's even better, cause it has more story related stuff than any previous tekken games.

The offline 2player is only in the storymode. You can still play with your mate on the same ps3 in team battle/vs .. etc.


@Selnor. You are soooo often wrong about games you should just stop commenting on games you haven't played. Now I don't know if you have played tekken. But you are way wrong about the visuals. Tekken 5 was one of the best looking ps2 games and tekken 6 is a huge step up. It's as big as tekken 5 is from tekken 3. The only issue is that most chars still use the same outfits as they do in tekken 5. If they didn't I believe there would be less negative comments in this regard because some people will subconciously find it looking more like the ps2 game.

To be honest your comment to me is detrimental. I couldn't care less for anyhting you have to say on this site anymore. As far as I'm concerned if thats the way you view peoples opinions I wont acknowledge you on here. I would never consider saying to anyone they are WRONG for their opinion. Just because it differs from mine. I NEVER comment on a game I haven't played. I admitted I didnt play it deeply, but the visuals were a HUGE disappointment to me. And honestly yes DOA4 looks better from what I played of Tekken 6 visually.