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Hello there forum, I open this thread because in the next few months it's likely that I buy a Direct3D 10 video card, maybe a 8800GTS (the new ones) or a HD3870 (I'm a cheap, but it has D3D 10.1), so it's likely that I buy Windows Vista... a legit one (*dramatic song*)

I've seen some people here with Vista, so I have some quick questions to ask them... or to anyone that knows:

64-bit or 32-bit: As a gamer, what's better for me? I really don't know if newer games like Crysis have optimizations for 64-bit CPUs, so it is any better if I pick up 64-bit over 32-bit version? This one leads to the next one...

Software availability: How good is software on 64-bit? And on Vista on a general basis? For example, Diskeeper, I know it has a x64 version on XP, but it is compatible with Vista? Same thing for backup programs like Nero, MagicISO or DaemonTools. I remember back in the day when x64 was introduced, there was slim to none support for backup software like the ones I mentioned. Has that changed? And again, this one leads to the next...

Performance for old games: On pre-Vista/x64-era games, how much performance you lose? I know that you DO lose performance, but it is worth it?

eBay: If I'm buying a legit version, at least I won't pay loads of money for it. So it's likely that I buy it from eBay. I know the place is known for getting everything pirate, but it has the best prices I can find. For example this one. Is it any worse if it's OEM? Anyone has experience buying PC software from eBay?

I'm a total n00b for Vista... XP has been working very good so far. Any help on this matters would be very appreciated ^_^u