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LOL This is exactly what NPD wanted. Why do people think they all of a sudden decided to change their mind and continue to report their estimates. Vgchartz has their numbers way ahead of the npd so they noticed it would be off by 100k+ etc including canada and they went ahead provided it to everyone so they can make this site look bad. They have no competition so their numbers or whatever they say is taken as gospel. Only reason the industry has to use those numbers is because they are the only numbers available on a monthly basis until they can release their personal sales data which have match up with ioi's on a number of occassions.

I am baised because I just hate monopolys. Fuking comcast can screw me over and over again because they are the only internet service provider I can get near my house and they know it so they do whatever they want. Is the exact samething as NPD as they love to take jabs at the competition whenever possible and with this case I believe skewing the numbers to purposely make vgchartz look bad. That is just my opinion.

IoI should stick to his data and compared it to figures from MS,SONY and Nintendo and not the NPD. Maybe someday even those 3 will start to take vgchartz as an alternative to the NPD if anything else as comparison.