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When I think about it, I thought this site was just a fun casual site for gamers to see how consoles are going etc etc, nothing serious.

So I can't really see how adjusting the numbers would hurt seeing as the aim of this site wasn't to be fully credible (see 3 lines above).

I think this is a personal thing between VGC & NPD and is not in the best interest in the users.

Not to say this site is not accurate, I think you nailed Nintendo excellently, obviously there has been a slip with 360 and there is no harm in editing, this is not a fix it to what NPD say, this is a fix it to what was actually sold, seeing as obviously, NPD are more accurate, no matter what way you swing it.

I find it extremely funny with what some of you are saying;

“NPD might not even be accurate, look VGC got all the other stuff right”

Got it right? Got the other hardware right? How do you know? Are you comparing it to air to know VGC’s was right? Perhaps you’re comparing it to NPD’s numbers?
Are you saying VGC got it right because their other hardware matched NPD’s hardware, but because the 360 is hideously off NPD's, NPD must be wrong, because it doesn’t match VGC’s... do you see a loop?

Talk about tying yourself into a knot of self contradictory.

Don't get me wrong but I love this site, but half of you have got to cut the crap and stop sucking up with the whole "Look at me I'll take a bullet for you because I want to be noticed" attitude.

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