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ioi said:
-These do not include Canada sales
-Star Wars Battlefront: Renegade Squadron is a pack in
-DS hardware is intentionally 10% or so higher
-Guitar Hero III on 360 presumably has a stand alone version as well, so not as different as it first looks.

I believe NPD have been undertracking Xbox360 for the last few months so I'm pretty happy with the comparisons - we are intentionally tracking higher than NPD on 360.

Note - I WILL NOT be making any major alterations to our figures in light of NPDs information. Most software is actually almost identical and it is 360 software we disagree most on.
I'm happy with your reaction because I was already afraid that if you would change the sales of the 360 dramatically it would harm the credibility of this site. And that people would say you're just copying the NPD numbers.

Keep up the good work!