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KylieDog said:
Staude said:
KylieDog said:

I only posted -->factual<-- numbers because someone tried to make some up.


This thread was created as a complain against the game anyway, so not stomping on anything, quite the opposite.

I didn't make anything up, stop lying. You don't even have the game right ? so how would you know. I'm more qualified.


If gonna make statements like that then I'll say this;


Lens of Truth > you.


They have also compared both versions.

who cares ? well except you and anyone else you try to misinform. I have the game. I know, you don't, you assume based on other estimations. Whatever, get off your high horse and come back when you've, yourself played it and counted it.


I was wrong though. It took 8 seconds for a match to load. Not 5.

Lens of truth =/= me. It can't be compared. Like I said I have another harddrive. Aparently one with a lot better seek times.



Yea it's certainly a huge step up. Even from "devil within" which got boring and dull.. didn't play very well.. this get's fairly addictive :p i blame rpg items with stats. now namco let me use them in versus mode offline XD



I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that, if you notice, most chars has the same costumes as tekken 5 by default. That's a mistake from namcos side as the game doesn't look as "fresh" and new as it otherwise would have. I really think that plays into it subconciously.

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