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Staude said:
load times are what, 5 seconds ? tops. Well i did install it but it's not a long time.

Stop bitching. This game got almost everything right that soul calibur 4 got wrong. Only thing it fucked up with the "arena" mode which lacks more story for each char. It's annoying theres only 4 stages in it and that there is no .. story between the scenes like there were in tekken 5. Other than that this game is great.

And the graphics are great. I don't know what you're playing but I suggest you play tekken 5, then play tekken 6. Animations are awesome.

what game are you playing? i wish the load times were 5 seconds top and the graphics are better than 5 but when you compare them to any other fighting game that has came out this gen, they're nothing special. they got everything right that soul calibur 4 got wrong? sigh. i'm not touching that one.

keep in mind, i love tekken and i've played them all. this one just wasn't worth the long wait and it certainly wasn't worth 60 bucks.