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BMaker11 said:
The Ghost of RubangB said:
Why did you put "we need to talk about it" in your thread title? There's a million other threads about it, and we're all pretty much in agreement that nobody cares about this game, its lack of marketing (it's just a test), its lack of effort (it's just a test), its lack of sales, its lack of quality, or its lack of fans. Nobody cares and nobody likes it. We really don't need to talk about it. Anymore.

Nobody cared?


Explain, please.

Lack of quality and effort?


Explain, please

Explanation 1: A couple people care.  Not enough for anybody else to care.  Let those 5 or so people enjoy their game.  But it costs too much.

Explanation 2: Metacritic is STUPID, and a horrible way to judge quality.  It is an aggregate of reviews from a very narrow population of gamers.  Nobody who writes at Metacritic is a friend of mine whose tastes I trust, so I really don't care what they have to say about any games that I like or dislike, and the only time I ever hear of the web site is when people on the internet use it to troll the Wii.

Or do you honestly believe the 3 greatest games of all time are Ocarina of Time (1998), Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (2000), and Soul Calibur (1999)?  If you agree with that 100%, by all means, use Metacritic in all your arguments.  Your tastes and Metacritic's scores are perfectly in alignment.  For me, none of those games would make my top 20, so the use of Metacritic in arguments is completely absurd.

And by "lack of effort" I mean "on-rails" and "calling it a test."  They really didn't care about the game, gave it no marketing, and sent it out to die.