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ClaudeLv250 said:
Delicious irony. I remember hen this game was announcd the HD cowd screamed that the Wii would ruin Dead Space. When it was announced to be a rail shooter, their indignation changed to laughter as the made fun of the Wii getting another toss away spinoff.

Now that the game is here, this mockery has turned into Sony tools screaming at the top of their lungs against the Wii based on a game people clearly didn't care about in the first place while doing the same old moronic song and dance while clinging to games like Zack & Wiki nearly three years after the fact.

For you people to be so obsessed with sales and metacritic for Wii games, it's strange that you don't go the extra effort to own a Wii and buys these games you cry about so loudly on the internet.

Get off of your high horse. It's not just Sony fans that pull that shit.