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W29 said:
Soriku said:
W29 said:
Soriku said:

1. GIFs are against the rules? Then why haven't I been told that? And link?

2. Why a lock?

1. This is a troll thread.

2. Flames (not really...) plus trolling.


1. Ask the mods, the dude will get a message shortly. Back then when this site was running. Users were not suppose to have GIFs...maybe it changed.

2. huh?

1. Sure, you in the past made plenty of troll threads and now8 you have just point out one, that really is not.

2. cool, now know what flaming and trolling is.


Using the past as a figure means nothing as compared to now. And I see you trolling.

HA!.....you are making me laugh, while I'm reading your posts and talking on the phone too. You are hilarious Soriku, I'm trolling....Cool, I deserve that title. You were just in a PS3 thread just a couple of hours ago flaming.

Re-check the thread.