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DMeisterJ said:
@ W29

That pic was hilarious

@ Soriku

Even if they only shipped 5-600k, it still only sold 250k so that point is irrelevant. Everyone has been heralding SMG as the Wii's savior for sales and blah, blah, blah, but the truth is it wasn't. I just want you to write that SMG did not push Wii sales like everyone expected, that while the game is not a bomb, it did hit with a resounding thud, and only pushed ten thousand more Wiis than usual, and there was no supply constraint since it hasn't been selling as of recent anyway.

No one heralded SMG as Wii's savior in sales because it's the only console in Japan that doesn't need saving.

That said I don't see the point of this thread being made over and over again everyday, it's like people are absolutely furious because SMG didn't flop. It didn't reach most people's expectations but it still did around the same as the other 3D Mario platformers, so it doesn't matter how many times people make this thread and go batshit insane on people who refuse to lie and feed some fanboy wet dream that SMG "bombed," it simply didn't. The game, and the Wii, still has a ways to go before anyone starts screaming absolute conclusions.

What I'm interested in is how Ratchet & Clank's underperformance on the PS3 is being pretty much ignored (or avoided?), I haven't seen one thread address the topic. I'd really like to know what people thought about that, but instead we're getting the same SMG troll threads over and over again.


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