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Solidar said:

Most you of people are not very bright. How is 250k units sold a bad thing? Japan's market is entirely different than the other markets and expectations for it were way too high to begin with. Market analysts are wrong about 99% of the time. They make stupid predictions that hardly ever come true.

I see Sony fanboys on here talking about how SMG was supposed to be the Wii's savior...are you kidding me? Savior? Really? The number 1 selling home console is not the one that needs a savior. That piece of crap PS3 that has exactly 0 good games and sells like crap is the one that needs a savior. Face it fanboys, Sony's days as the leader are long gone. Nothing is going to change that at this point. MGS4 and GT5 are supposed to save PS3, too bad they both keep getting pushed back over and over.

Sony has 0 big titles for the holiday season. Nintendo has SMG, Mario and Sonic at the Olympics, along with all the other big name titles that are out. Then early 2008 they have SSBB and Mario Kart as well. Name anything Sony has to compete with all of those titles before MGS4, GT5 and FF13? Nothing, nada, zip...

I am really sick of teenagers that don't know anything about games to begin with talking noise about Nintendo. I have been playing video games longer than most of you have been alive. I own a Wii and a 360 and will NEVER own a PS3, period.

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