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jjseth said:
I have no idea why there is a percieved animosity between Fishy and Konnichiwa, but I would suspect since they are long time posters on this site that it is something fairly deep-seeded between the two.

Actually no, nothing I can remember at least. Every knows my point of view and such. I've had more confrontation with you jjseth than I ever had with Konnichiwa, which is why I don't understand his animosity. That's why on the other thread where he attacked me out of the blue I was surprised. Then when I told him to stop it, he freaked out. He does seem to launch verbal attacks against me, but nothing that personal before.

His ban that time before was cut short to only a couple hours since the server crashed. I let it go and didn't enforce the penalty. I thought I was giving him a break and it was ok. Apparently not.