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This is good guys. Most of these games I have heard about. Definately will be buying ( if I dont like I can trade it. :) )

Any obscure titles? Titles not normally talked about?

what?!? a ps3 exclusive us ps3 fans haven't talked up?? you're not going to find one. xD

Easy folklore that game is great, and almost all of ps3 owner do not even know that game exists, that game is great with a very exellent final. about 90 percent of ps3 owners hasn't play it.

Eh, I think a lot of people have played the demo but most didn't go much further than that because it wasn't that great of a game.  It's not it's a bad game, it's just nothing special and that's why it usually isn't talked about.

It's not good enough for people to hype beyond belief and it's not bad enough for people to constantly mock.  It's just there.  I would say try the demo first.

I'd disagree. The game was brilliant.

One of the few games that uses the Sixaxis well and it also has a very deep, involving story.