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carlos710 said:
bbsin said:

Usually "we" as in who? If that's so then God of War 2 is also a PS3 exclusive, since it's playble on both systems that has a sony brand on it... The term exclusive is typically put on a game that cannot be played on anyother console during that time. Zelda was playable on both Wii and Gamecube, there was no need to get Twilight princess on the Wii.

what ?

Zelda TP Wii and Zelda TP on GC aren't the same games, the Wii version is better due to the montion controls. If the games were 100% the same thing you would have a point.



 Are you serious?.... Zelda twilight princess for GC/Wii are the same games wtih different control schemes. The Wii port version supports widescreen and GC doesn't, and yes the Wii Twilight princess is a port since the game was programed with GC hardware in mind. Just b/c a programmer throws in motion sensoring as controls doesn't change the fact that it's the same game, with same grahpics and same gameplay. Is ace combat considered a different game if you plug in a flight stick? Or hows about playing gran turismo with a wheel instead of a remote? or hows about UT3 on the PS3 that allows KB&M compared the Xbox360 version what only uses a gamepad?