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Soriku said:
ssj12 said:
wtf type of dog was it.. my dogs have been hit by falling pieces of wood while fixing my fence which weigh much more then a skateboard. There is no way a skateboard at full force from a 12 year old = force of a 70 pound post falling on a dog from an F150. lol

I think he's 13 or 14. Not sure though. And not sure what the dog is either.

If I had control over what he should do is pay a $300+ fine or something.

He has a PS3 and PSP, he can afford $300 >_>

My friend wishes he could be a judge and my friend was brought to Court.

He said he'd be like:

"Goddammit you Goddammit!"



At the rest of your post... I don't think that's enough of a punishment.