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N.Genckel said:
You think!? What a bold, bold statement to make after the price-cut and slim release. What incredible boldness you have.

This thread wasnt created to show my prediction because my prediction would be higher then 30m


I just made this thread to make everyone understand that when someone says from now on the PS3 will sell 30m plus they aint complete fools.


I mean this time last week saying the ps3 will go past 30 mil people will laugh at you. I mean a few mins before i created this thread people were laughin at the dude in the other thread and saying er no when he only asked if the PS3 could sell 30.

They were likeno more like 27mil. So obviously i am not stating the obvious to some. I am just educating people on how much the Holiday can have a huge impact on sales. Many newer members dont know this and even some older member are quick to forget

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