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Xoj said:
Neoraf said:


I can do the same thing with my Laptop on my couch, playing at the same time a game on my PS3 or my 360.

Why waste time on a console broswer? This is my question.

youtube support HD now =).

As someone else said: at MS they don't want you to access YouTube as from any PC. They want you to access YouTube through their own interface, on the terms they decide. Every site out there that streams TV shows for free diminishes the value of their own video offering, a web interface for Twitter and FAcebook diminishes the value of Live Gold subscriptions and so on.

As for those saying that it opens the door for viruses and malware: how exactly? It's not like browsing web pages means being able to download and run any untrusted piece of software you find out there like you can on a PC. The only exposed vulnerabilities would be those of the JavaScript engine and of the Flash plug-in, both easily sandboxed so that at worst your browser crashes.

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