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outlawauron said:
S.T.A.G.E. said:
Oh yes......indeed. I think Microsoft should cut the bullshit with Japan and focus on Europe, because both Microsoft and Sony have neglected them this gen.

I don't think Sony has really neglected Europe, but moreso America. I mean, we're still waiting on a bunch of Greatest Hits titles.

I wouldn't call that neglect, but ok. Sony and Microsoft barely give them any deals. Europe gets the leftovers of what America gets as it seems. They don't get anything that is country specific like America and Japan. Japan has recieved country only exclusives from Sony and Microsoft, great release announcements and star treatment for their level of expertise in the gaming arena. America gets just about everything from the best western release annoucements to being the first place to see price cuts most of the time and a boatload of respect themselves. Sony and Microsoft are warring for Americas love and both have sold very well. What has Europe receieved? I dunno...you tell me. LOL