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you can read the whole thing here. http://seanmalstrom.wordpress.com/2009/09/08/metroid-dread-will-be-released-in-november-2010/


the mainpoints:

*whenever a new risky metroid game came out, a classic one always came out for backup, incase the metroid fanbase hated the new direction, they would have a classic metroid to play to keep them happy.

*when metriod prime came out, fusion also came out as the classic alternative.

*when metroid prime 2 came out, it was the "classic alternative" game, while metroid prime hunters (which came out about the same time) was the experimental game.

*he suggests that nintendo was originally gonna release metroid dread alongside metroid prime 3 (this could explain the metroid dread reference that was in that game), but they desided against it because the prime sub-series had already proven itself as a game people liked.


take this for what you will.

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