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I cant believe what im seeing, this guy is bashing one of the highest rated games on the DS just because a PSP version is coming out, i havent played the PSP version and i dont know how good it will be, but there are facts, GTA Chinatown Wars was praised by most of people for having impressive graphics, great touch screen mechanics, good history line (or not so much) and the GTA formula perfectly translated, now this guy starts rambling about how the controls are stiff, the touch screen being annoying, and looking at the screens and i can easily say the graphics on the psp version are horrible, i don care if they are smoother or have lighting it doesnt look nearly as good as the beatiful cell shaded version, its just an ugly port

Not to point out the obvious, but IGN, like most 'internet publications', downscores most of their DS and Wii reviews based on the games simply being Wii and DS games.  As opposed to other systems, (such as a PSP game) which gets higher marks for it being considered 'higher gen' and 'better graphics'.  Its not so much even the fact that a game will have 2 versions, say a LEGO title for instance, such as how most LEGO titles have more features on the Wii version with the Wiimote controls and extra characters).  Still, the Wii versions of even multi-platform games get downgraded because they're on the Wii/DS.

The sites just have a negative bias against Nintendo.  It started with the GameCube and its become a MAJOR thing now since Nintendo basically made themselves a target, telling the industry they were going to stay out of the 'HD Wars' and make 'games for everyone'.  And as you know, the majority of people reviewing these games are 25-35 years old and like certain kinds of games....

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