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gera4390 said:
Carl2291 said:


this dude zenfoldor is anoying, he says that people are elitist 4 wanting the final result of the game as should be in the original PS3 programing, is ok for FF13 being multiplatform, what's the word for what MS is doing so both games look equal in both consoles? that they have the same, if the original version for the PS3 had a lot more things, downgrading the PS3 version? 1 word I can use is sabotage!!!

I think people are selfish for wanting FFXIII exclusivity, in order to keep the extra language feature, as well as a few small upgrades. Yes.

And if someone is trying to say that the game will be better because of the money from MS I find it very unlikely because the game was in production when MS buy it , and everything was planned the story, music, programing, since pre-production.

The game will make more money because it's on the 360, and more people will get to play it, and there will be more money for the next FF game, and for verses. Yes, all of that is true.

I go more for the reduction of sequences, reduction of sound quality, visual effects, and textures. and no extras like the japanesse voice acting that I don't care. everything done to fit on # of dvds. and so both look the same because the PS3 version won't make look bad the 360 version.

None of those differences are that significant, and they won't decide if the game is good or not, the actual gameplay, story, and quality will. Those are just things people whine about when they're waiting for the game.

That dude Zenfoldor totally doesn't accept the playbook. He's so anti-Sony, and sees our motivations behind our posts.

Damn his black heart.

How dare he want more people to get FFXIII, and SE to make more money off the game for future projects, at the costs our 7.1, which our home theaters don't even support, and our japanese language, which we don't even speak, and our graphical difference which doesn't really exist..

I don't need your console war.
It feeds the rich while it buries the poor.
You're power hungry, spinnin' stories, and bein' graphics whores.
I don't need your console war.